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Book Discussion on Dear Reader

Michael Malice talked about about his book, Dear Reader: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il, in which he explores the life and influence of former North Korean Leader, Kim Jong Il. The book is based works by and about Kim that Malice found while visiting North Korea.

Voice of America

Q&A with Michael Malice: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il

Using the first person to write the book in Kim Jong Il's own words, Malice brings us a clearer view of the very serious methods behind the madness in this conversation with VOA's Jim Stevenson.

M.K. Lords interviews Michael Malice on His New Book

"Weaving North Korean propaganda into a new literary genre–the unauthorized autobiography–Malice has created a work that forces you to laugh when you shouldn't and climaxes numerous times with fantastical stories of Jong Il's heroism alongside his murderous sociopathy. The phrase 'laughing to keep from crying' rings ominously true while reading it."
News Whore

News Whore with Mandy Stadtmiller

Michael Malice brings his considerable energy to Mandy's apartment, where she and Graham chat about Kim Jong Il, Ghostwriting, and Steve Garvey.

Last Call

Last Call with Carson Daly

Animal New York

Kim Jong Un May Force All Male Students to Get the Coolest Haircut Ever

"Once again, we asked Michael Malice – Dear Writer of the Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il – what the hell??"

Reason TV

Reason TV -- Q&A with Michael Malice

The 11 Bathroom Books Worth Your Money

Learn everything you've ever wanted to know about the late, great North Korean madman leader — as pieced together through actual tidbits of propaganda retrieved by the author.

Cato Institute

Cato Institute -- Book Forum

Leading the nation, more New Yorkers launch Kickstarter Projects

"I did it all — literally and literarily — and it is on display for all the world to see. All the world except North Korea, that is."

Consider This

Consider This -- Al Jazeera America

Dear Readers: I'm on N. Korea's Enemies List

Malice peers into the brain of Kim Jong-il, but also gives a glimpse of what it must be like to grow up under rulers who are never wrong, never in doubt, always outmaneuver the well-fed puppets and rich imperialists and won't change the subject about their benevolence and genius.

The Independents

The Independents -- Fox Business


Michael Malice: Kim Jong Il's Unofficial Ghostwriter

Despite humor, book on North Korean absurdities has a serious message.

Inside The Mind Of A "Mad Man"

The brilliance of Dear Reader is its ability to convey horrific truths in a way which compels the reader to look at North Korea in all its unvarnished brutality...The truth is that this book is suffused with humor, but not the type of humor that most people associate with Kim Jong-il or Kim Jong-un...It's used as a means of illustrating a lethally serious point.

Huffington Post

The North Korean Camp Problem, by Michael Malice

Early last year, I was being interviewed regarding my book on Kim Jong Il. At one point, the host referred to Kim Jong Il as a "campy" figure. "That's a very unfortunate choice of words," I told her.

Arts & Seizures

Mike Edison and Judy McGuire sit down with author Michael Malice

Michael traveled to North Korea and gathered as many references as possible to write his book. Tune in to find out the realities of North Korean fascism, and Kim Jong Il's "magical" powers.

The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il

Malice has a serious intent behind the apparent comedy: to get inside the nearly unspeakable evil of North Korean government in a way no other method could.
Reddit AMA

I am Michael Malice, author of the new Dear Reader: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il - AMA!

"Would you rather fight one hundred duck sized horses or one horse sized duck?"

Laughing Squid

Dear Reader is Now Available

A biography of Kim Jong Il that consists of the North Korean dictator's own words, as found in North Korean propaganda materials.

The Brooklyn Paper

Sunset Park Ghostwriter Pens Kim Jong Il's Autobiography

"My goal with this book was to present it in a fun, readable way, where you don't have to sit through really dense, academic texts, or delve into the geopolitics of the '60s to understand North Korea," Malice said.
Fishbowl NY

Kim Jong-il's Biographer Hosting Brooklyn Event

"The tone of North Korean propaganda is very giddy, almost Disney-like. So, when you apply that to some of the horrific things that go on there, it takes on a very dark humor."

New York Observer

To Do Sunday: Michael Malice Discusses North Korea

Malice told The Observer of Kim Jong-Il, "He was painfully aware that when the people cheered for him, it was fake. And he's an evil, horrible man with the blood of millions on his hands, but you have to humanize him a bit."

What Nobody Tells You About Launching A Kickstarter Campaign

While Malice says he only dealt with this one disputed charge, several of his backers cancelled their pledge during the campaign. "There's nothing worse than watching your total decrease!"
Happening Now

What is Life Really Like in North Korea?

Celebrity ghost writer describes his trip "back in time."


My Week in North Korea

A Soviet-born American tours the Hermit Kingdom and finds humanity in a most inhumane place. (by Michael Malice)
Big Think

Michael Malice's 'Dear Reader: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il'

"Michael Malice is one of those uniquely New York characters. An immigrant from the former Soviet Union, the thirty-six year old with spikey hair, cunning eyes, and a constant mischievous grin has made a name for himself in a number of strange ways. Malice is taking an Orwell approach to exploring the insanity that built this evil system. Like Orwell explained the horrors of Stalinism in a children’s book about talking farm animals, Malice is the ventriloquist for the mass-murdering dummy that is Jong-il."
New York Observer

Forever Jong: Writer-Provocateur Michael Malice

"As a celebrity ghostwriter, Michael Malice gets paid to understand how other people think, and by all accounts, he does it well. The subjects of his books, like the comedian D.L. Hughley and the UFC fighter Matt Hughes, attest to that. But Mr. Malice, a kind of chameleon, has a reputation for blurring the sardonic and the sincere, and figuring out how he thinks might be the real challenge."
Animal New York

Teenage Greaser Kim Jong Un Explained

"We asked Michael Malice — Korea expert and author of the Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il – what the fuck?"

The Angel Clark Show

The Angel Clark Show

Daily News

North Korean dictator to get Kickstarter-funded autobiography

"Malice is making a drastic jump from the pop culture world to the political one, but really, who wouldn't want to read the thoughts of one of the world's worst dictators?"

The New York Observer

Michael Malice Will Write an Autobiography of Kim Jong-il

"Michael Malice, the celebrity ghost writer, recently raised more than $30,000 on Kickstarter to write an autobiography of Kim Jong-il."

Kim Jong-Il: The Unauthorized Autobiography

"The late public figure and his country isn't often associated with comedy these days, but Malice seeks to use humor to elicit understanding amidst a strong cultural divide."


KIM JONG IL: The Unauthorized Autobiography

"There have been many authors on The Mike & Judy Show, but today's show features Michael Malice, a truly unique writer."


Flavors of the Month

"A Brooklyn writer tackles the impossible — an autobiography of the late North Korean leader. It's a Kickstarter campaign, but don't worry: 'This will be the best book ever written,' promises the author."


Meet Kim Jong Il's Ghostwriter

"American ghostwriter Michael Malice hopes that Dear Reader: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il will help the world understand that even if Kim Jong Il is a joke, the suffering of the North Korean people is certainly not."


Ghostwriter turns to Kickstarter to Fund Kim Jong-Il Autobiography

"Someone here said 'you sound like a sympathiser with North Korea' and I said 'yeah, I could not have any greater sympathy for the North Korean people'."


How One Writer Is Using Kickstarter To Resurrect Kim Jong-il

"The book, which purports to be an 'unofficial autobiography' seeks to simultaneously poke fun at perhaps the easiest person alive to poke fun at, and use actual research to separate the myth from the man."

French Slate

Il fait appel à vous pour écrire l'autobiographie de Kim Jong-il

Michael Malice, nègre littéraire américain, propose d'écrire l'autobiographie non-autorisée du défunt Cher Leader Nord-Coréen Kim Jong-il.

Boise Weekly

Author Sets Out to Write the Autobiography of Kim Jong Il

"Malice travelled to North Korea and 'spirited' out as many propaganda pamphlets and books attributed to Il as possible."

Laughing Squid

Dear Reader: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il by Michael Malice

"Malice is drawing on a collection of English language North Korean propaganda books which he collected during a trip to North Korea."

Animal New York

Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il, as Dictated to Michael Malice

"Michael Malice is a very successful celebrity ghostwriter, co-authoring books with D.L. Hughley and Bret Michaels, and then there was this one time Harvey Pekar wrote a book about him."

Moose Radio

"Most Messed Up Kickstarter Campaign I’ve Seen Yet"

The New York Observer

Help Michael Malice Write an Autobiography of Kim Jong-il

"I care about the fact that they are a nation in crisis and no one knows what to do–and therefore, no one wants to talk about it."
National Review

What Happens When You Spend the Weekend with 1,500 Anti-Government College Students?

"What happens is you meet people like Michael Malice."
The New York Times Fashion & Style Blog

Party On, But No Tweets

"We are fighting against this whole idea that everything people do has to be constantly chronicled," Mr. Malice said.

The Bitch is Back

"Well, an asshole is just an assertive person you don't approve of, right?"
New York Post

Writers on the Rocks

"I'm not a mean drunk, I'm a mean person who gets drunk."

WNYC Radio

Harvey Pekar's Ego & Hubris

Graphic novelist Harvey Pekar is joined by Michael Malice—the real-life New Yorker who’s the subject of Mr. Pekar's latest book: Ego & Hubris.

Ignite NYC

Ignite NYC: How NOT to Break Into Media

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Cash Cab

Freedom Watch

Freedom Watch